Phil Smith getting award
Virginia Mason Medical Center radiology resident Phil Smith, MD, received a Gold Merit Award for his abstract (co-authored with Paul Sicuro, MD) at the ACR Annual Meeting in DC, May, 2017. VM resident Emily Johnson, MD, also presented an abstract at the meeting. Kudos to all the residents who attended ACR and participated in the RFS program as well as the Day of Advocacy on Capitol Hill!
Four Washington State Radiological Society residents outside Jayapal's office
Teaming up to advocate for patient access to important cancer screenings and funding for the NIH, residents from two radiology training programs in Washington State’s 7th Congressional District met with the legislative director of their Congressional representative, Pramila Jayapal, in Washington DC on May 24, 2017. Left to right: Keegan Hovis, MD, UW; Phil Smith, MD, Virginia Mason; Tom Anderson, MD, PhD, UW; Aaron Daub, MD, UW.


WSRS Residents and Fellows Section Executive Board, 2018-2019

Below is a list of the leaders of the Residents and Fellows Section of the Washington State Radiological Society: Officers

President Derek Khorsand Email Me Interventional Radiology
Vice President Preethi Raghu Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Secretary Jing Luo Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Co-Treasurer Tanner Clark Email Me
Co-Treasurer Keegan Hovis Email Me
Imm. Past-President Anika McGrath Email Me Diagnostic Radiology

Committee Leadership

Awards and Honors Mazen Zawaideh Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Budget & Finance Jake Sharp Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Communications/Social Media Preethi Raghu Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Government Relations Patty Ojeda Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Payor Relations Amber Post Email Me Radiation Oncology
Annual Meeting Sean Wo Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
PAC (political action committee) Mariam Shehata Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Membership (Mentoring) Khang Dinh Email Me Radiation Oncology
Bylaws Tom Anderson Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Women and Diversity Jaqueline Alvarez
Tina Coleman
Email Me
Email Me
Diagnostic Radiology
Diagnostic Radiology
Historical/Archive Allison Tillack Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Radiation Oncology Representative Stephanie Schaub Email Me Radiation Oncology
(*ACR RFS Executive Committee Radiation Oncology Representative)
Madigan Representative Bryan Kantner Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Sacred Heart Representative Bradley Griffiths Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
UW Representative Jing Luo Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Virginia Mason Representative Carolyn Clark Email Me Diagnostic Radiology
Fellow Representative Shawn Call Email Me Diagnostic Radiology

Washington State Radiological Residencies

Sacred Heart Hospital
Spokane, Washington
Director: Dr. Justin Fredrick
101 W. 8th Ave.
PO Box 2555
Spokane, WA 99220 Email Dr. Murray Administrative Assistant: Sherry Bucholz
Phone: (509) 455-3021
FAX: (509) 458-5316

University of Washington Seattle, Washington
Director: Dr. Angelisa Paladin
U/W Dept of Radiology
Box 357115
Seattle, WA 98195-7115
University of Washington
1959 NE Pacific Street
Seattle, WA 98195
Administrative Assistant: Amanda Easton
Phone: (206) 598-6483

US Army Madigan Medical Center
Tacoma, Washington
Director: Dr. Charles Kitley
Madigan Army Medical Ctr
Attn.: MCHJ-R
Tacoma, WA 98431
Administrative Assistant: Teresa Tucker
Phone: (253) 968-2130
FAX: (253) 968-3140

Virginia Mason Hospital 
Seattle, Washington
Director: Dr. Lucy Glenn
VMMC Dept of Radiology
1100 9th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98111
Administrative Assistant: Richard Lee
Phone: (206) 223-6851
FAX: (206) 344-7959

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