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What is WSRS PAC?

The WSRS-PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee established by the WSRS and supported by radiologists and practics that choose to make voluntary contributions.  WSRS-PAC works to support and elect pro-medicine candidates to the state legislature from every district around the state.

Note that the ACR’s RADPAC supports medicine-friendly candidates across the country who are seeking election to the U.S. Congress. WSRS encourages its members to support RADPAC, in addition to the WSRS PAC

Why contribute to the WSRS PAC?

Health insurance reform…provider taxes…non-physician health care providers…scope of practice…the issues are endless.

All of these issues impact a Radiologists ability to practice medicine. Legislators in Washington are making decisions that can make your practice easier or harder. In order to make the most of our advocacy in Olympia, we need to be active in putting the right people in the capitol.

Reasons for supporting WSRS PAC

Without medicine-friendly candidates in the state legislature, legislation that effectively addresses the concerns of physicians will not be passed.

Donate to WSRS-PAC

Contact the PAC board via email.