Gold Medal Award Nomination

  • Gold Medal Award Nomination Form

    Deadline for nominations: August 13, 2021

    The Washington State Radiological Society board seeks nominations for the society’s Gold Medal Award. The WSRS bylaws state the following:

    • The award shall be for outstanding service to radiology and radiologists of Washington, or for meritorious scientific achievement that reflects credit upon radiology in Washington
    • The award is not obligatory each year
    • The recipient shall have been a member of the WSRS for at least five years
    • A nominee shall be member in good standing with the ACR
    • Nominations shall be presented to the Chair at least three months prior to the date of any duly selected interim meeting or the date of the annual business meeting. The Board may nominate suitable candidates for such award on its own
    • Approval of a nominee shall require a two‐thirds vote of the Board
    • The award should not be made posthumously, except when the recipient has died following his or her selection
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