ACR Fellowship

WSRS members encouraged to apply to be Fellows of the American College of Radiology

The deadline is now passed to apply for Fellowship in the 2019 Convocation year. ACR will open the application portal for 2020 applicants in December 2018 and WSRS has set a deadline of May 31, 2019 to complete your 2020 application. To begin the process, please visit the Fellowship page of the ACR website. If you need assistance with your application, please contact Emily Jones, WSRS Executive Director: and she can put you in touch with the appropriate WSRS leaders.

If you have questions about your eligibility, the online application process or anything else, feel free to contact the ACR Fellowship office staff via email:

Dr. Justin Smith, Dr. William Keyes and
Dr. Katherine Choi-Chinn
were all inducted into the elite status of FACR in
May 2018 at the ACR Annual Meeting. 

A list of WSRS members who have already been honored as ACR Fellows is below.

ACR Fellows among WSRS membership as of 5/26/2020

NormanJosephBeauchampJRMD, MHS, FACR
EricPBensonMD, FACR
HerbertCBerryMD, FACR
FredPBockenstedtMD, FACR
JScottBowenMD, FACR
LelandLBurnettMD, FACR
WilliamHBushMD, FACR
FelixChewMD, FACR
PaulMChikosMD, FACR
KatherineChoi-ChinnMD, FACR
LyleECreceliusMD, FACR
DonACubberleyMD, FACR
AlanJDavidsonMD, FACR
JosephHDelaneyMD, FACR
DrewDeutschMD, FACR
PeterReistEbyMD, FACR
PatrickCFreenyMD, FACR
JohnWGardnerMD, FACR
GordonFGreenmanMD, FACR
ArthurRGriffinMD, FACR
McClureHHallMD, FACR
BeverlyEHashimotoMD, FACR
DonaldJHeschMD, FACR
VincentPHughesMD, FACR
WilliamBJacksonMD, FACR
JohnTJenkinsMD, FACR
KalpanaMurlidharKanalPhD, FACR
WilliamKeyesMD, FACR
ReileyKiddMD, FACR
ErikJKilgoreMD, FACR
GeorgeELaramoreMD, PhD, FACR
PeterCLaRoweMD, FACR
DuaneRLarsonMD, FACR
VernonOLarsonMD, FACR
ConstanceDLehmanMD, PHD, FACR
PhilipLeeLundMD, FACR
BeritLMadsenMD, FACR
StephenIMarglinMD, FACR
WilliamMMarksMD, FACR
RaymondMartyMD, FACR
JonathanMedverdMD, FACR
FrancisAMeekinMD, FACR
GAndrewMillerMD, FACR
GailNaomiMorganMD, FACR
LawrenceEMulkerinMD, FACR
JamesANelsonMD, FACR
JosephNewallMD, FACR
SamJNicholsMD, FACR
RandolphKevinOttoMD, FACR
ElizabethAPattersonMD, FACR
PaulSPaulsonMD, FACR
IngridMPetersonMD, FACR
BruceAPorterMD, FACR
GauthamPReddyMD, MPH, FACR
TerryAReedMD, FACR
KennethMRegerMD, FACR
JohnWRiekeMD, FACR
DavidJRitchieMD, FACR
JeffreyDRobinsonMD, MBA, FACR
JohnNRoehrMD, FACR
CharlesARohrmannJrMD, FACR
RobertHRosenbergMD, FACR
KevinGRyanMD, FACR
JoachimFSailerMD, FACR
WilliamPShumanMD, FACR
JustinPSmithMD, FACR
EricJSternMD, FACR
JasonMStoaneMBA, MD, FACR
EricWTaylorMD, FACR
RichardSTobinMD, FACR
BillHWarrenMD, FACR
LyleRWendlingMD, FACR
FrancisWWessbecherMD, FACR
AlanLWilliamsMD, FACR
ConstanceT CYuhMD, MSEE, FACR
MarkStevenYuhaszMD, FACR