ACR Fellowship

Three newly inducted Fellows of the Academy 2018 convocation
Congratulations to (left to right): Dr. Justin P. Smith, Dr. William Keyes, and Dr. Katherine Choi-Chinn, who all were inducted into the elite group of Fellows of the American College of Radiology at the ACR Annual Meeting’s 2018 Convocation on Sunday evening, May 20, 2018.

WSRS members encouraged to apply for ACR Fellowship

The deadline is now passed to apply for Fellowship in the 2019 Convocation year.  It’s not too early to begin assembling your application materials for the 2020 convocation year!  WSRS has set a deadline of May 31, 2019 to complete your application. To begin the process, please visit the Fellowship page of the ACR website.   If you need assistance with your application, please contact Debra Alderman, WSRS Executive Director: and she can put you in touch with the appropriate WSRS leaders.

If you have questions about your eligibility, the online application process or anything else, feel free to contact the ACR Fellowship office staff via email:

A list of WSRS members who have already been honored as ACR Fellows is below.



ACR Fellows among WSRS membership as of 11-30-17
Norman Joseph Beauchamp JR MD, MHS, FACR
Eric P Benson MD, FACR
Herbert C Berry MD, FACR
Fred P Bockenstedt MD, FACR
J Scott Bowen MD, FACR
Leland L Burnett MD, FACR
William H Bush MD, FACR
Felix Chew MD, FACR
Paul M Chikos MD, FACR
Katherine Choi-Chinn MD, FACR
Lyle E Crecelius MD, FACR
Don A Cubberley MD, FACR
Alan J Davidson MD, FACR
Joseph H Delaney MD, FACR
Drew Deutsch MD, FACR
Peter Reist Eby MD, FACR
Patrick C Freeny MD, FACR
John W Gardner MD, FACR
Gordon F Greenman MD, FACR
Arthur R Griffin MD, FACR
McClure H Hall MD, FACR
Beverly E Hashimoto MD, FACR
Donald J Hesch MD, FACR
Vincent P Hughes MD, FACR
William B Jackson MD, FACR
John T Jenkins MD, FACR
Kalpana Murlidhar Kanal PhD, FACR
William Keyes MD, FACR
Reiley Kidd MD, FACR
Erik J Kilgore MD, FACR
George E Laramore MD, PhD, FACR
Peter C LaRowe MD, FACR
Duane R Larson MD, FACR
Vernon O Larson MD, FACR
Marie E Lee MD, FACR
Constance D Lehman MD, PHD, FACR
Philip Lee Lund MD, FACR
Berit L Madsen MD, FACR
Stephen I Marglin MD, FACR
William M Marks MD, FACR
Raymond Marty MD, FACR
Jonathan Medverd MD, FACR
Francis A Meekin MD, FACR
G Andrew Miller MD, FACR
Gail Naomi Morgan MD, FACR
Lawrence E Mulkerin MD, FACR
James A Nelson MD, FACR
Joseph Newall MD, FACR
Sam J Nichols MD, FACR
Elizabeth A Patterson MD, FACR
Paul S Paulson MD, FACR
Ingrid M Peterson MD, FACR
Bruce A Porter MD, FACR
Terry A Reed MD, FACR
Kenneth M Reger MD, FACR
John W Rieke MD, FACR
David J Ritchie MD, FACR
Jeffrey D Robinson MD, MBA, FACR
John N Roehr MD, FACR
Charles A Rohrmann Jr MD, FACR
Robert H Rosenberg MD, FACR
Kevin G Ryan MD, FACR
Joachim F Sailer MD, FACR
William P Shuman MD, FACR
Justin P Smith MD, FACR
Eric J Stern MD, FACR
Eric W Taylor MD, FACR
Richard S Tobin MD, FACR
Bill H Warren MD, FACR
Lyle R Wendling MD, FACR
Francis W Wessbecher MD, FACR
Alan L Williams MD, FACR
Constance T C Yuh MD, MSEE, FACR
Mark Steven Yuhasz MD, FACR