With only 2 weeks remaining in the current session, please take a few minutes to complete the call-to-action messages to legislators below.

For the past year WSRS and WSRS PAC, in partnership with WSMA, has invested heavily with contributions and time to promote boosting Medicaid professional services reimbursement in WA state to Medicare levels. Currently at approximately 55-60 cents on the Medicare dollar for most imaging services, raising these reimbursements is long overdue. The Covered Lives Assessment (HB2476 & SB6309) leverages federal matching funds to create a budget neutral solution that makes good financial sense for WA state. It is not too late to act! Please lend your voice for inclusion of the Covered Lives Assessment to the state budget. Write to House and Senate budget chairs and your district legislators as instructed below. 


Jonathan Medverd


Act today: Ask your legislators in the House and Senate to add the covered lives assessment to the 2024 state operating budget. Send a message through the WSMA Take Action website

Take Action HERE

We ask that you also email budget chairs Rep. Timm Ormsby (D-Spokane) and Sen. June Robinson (D-Everett). You can use the following message as a template. Thank you for taking action today.

I’m writing to ask you to support adding HB 2476 and the covered lives assessment to strengthen the Medicaid program into the final budget package.

Designed to be cost-neutral to the state, the covered lives assessment in HB 2476 will draw down federal funds and allow Washington state physicians and advance care practitioners to provide more health care services to Medicaid enrollees. By increasing Medicaid reimbursement rates for professional services delivered by physicians, physician assistants, and ARNPs, we can make meaningful improvements in access to care. This bill is a lifeline for our Medicaid patients and an opportunity for independent physician practices to keep their doors open for communities throughout Washington.

Please support patients with meaningful access to the care professionals they deserve.

CALL TO ACTION: Write to Legislators TODAY to Add Raising Medicaid Reimbursements to 2024 State Budget