Dear Members,

The COVID-19 outbreak is putting our profession and our society under stress. As members of the medical profession we want to do our best for the community, but we are also aware of the risks to ourselves and our families. Regardless of where you practice, you are not alone. Around the country and the world, the medical community is doing what must be done to understand, slow and treat this outbreak.

The outbreak continues to evolve rapidly, as does the government response. Your society is communicating with the Governor’s office and the State Department of Health through the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA). We have learned that CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services) has granted WA state Medicaid waivers to allow a more flexible response to the coronavirus outbreak (link below).

The ACR has collated Radiology-relevant COVID-19 resources for all our members at:

Thank you for your efforts.


Dr. Ruben Krishnananthan, MBBS, MPH
President, Washington State Radiological Society

WSRS President’s Viewbox: March 2020