Thank you to everyone who joined us on Wednesday, September 23 at 7:00pm PT for our first fall webinar. Just in time for the general election, WSRS lobbyist Jim Hedrick will cover several topics, including:

  • How Campaigns are Financed
  • Regulatory Structure in Washington Campaigns
  • The Effect of Campaign Money on State Legislature / Public Policy Development
  • Biggest Players in Financing Campaigns
  • Why it’s Important for Organizations to Engage in the Political Process

Jim Hedrick has been the WSRS lobbyist for 4 years serving the radiology profession as its advocate in state government and consultant on public policy matters important to radiology. Jim has worked various issues including scope of practice, balance billing, insurance coverage of tomography, and patient notification of breast density. Jim has worked in Olympia for over 30 years in the legislative arena with stints in state agencies and the governor’s office and has represented not only health care clients but also has extensive experience in state budgets and taxation, natural resources, higher education, and economic development.

Campaign Finance Webinar: Wednesday, September 23