The annual meeting of the WSRS on November 3rd at the Embassy Suites in Pioneer Square saw the biannual change of the executive committee. Our thanks to Dr. Pooja Voria for her skillful leadership over the past two years. As your new President, I hope to replicate my predecessors’ success in advancing the interests and initiatives of the society. Other changes in the leadership include the elevation of Dr. Sammy Chu to Vice-President, Dr. Puneet Bhargava to Treasurer and Dr. Jenny Favinger to the dual role of Secretary and Chair of the Recruitment/Membership committee. 

On behalf of the WSRS I would like to thank Dr. Bhargava for organizing a stimulating and informative program for the meeting which included guest speakers from the ACR, Dr. Frank Lexa and Dr. Bibb Allen. Dr. Jeff Robinson will take over as program chair for 2019.

In the recent election, Dr. Kim Schrier was elected to Congress to represent Washington’s 8th Congressional district. On behalf of the society I would like to congratulate Dr. Schrier on her success. It is gratifying to see a fellow physician elevated to the halls of power.

The executive committee intends to reach out to as many state and federal level lawmakers as possible to increase our visibility. I would like to encourage all members to invite their local House or Senate representative to tour their practice. Representatives often enjoy learning about our specialty and connecting with voting constituents including your techs, clerical staff and nurses. Such interactions can help us communicate our legislative priorities when the need arises.

All the best for the festive season and New Year.


Dr. Ruben Krishnananthan, MBBS,  MPH
President, WSRS, 2018-2020

A smooth transition of power was accomplished at 
the Annual Meeting on November 3rd. Dr. Voria 
seems happy to pass the gavel to Dr. Krishnananthan after
completing a successful two year term as president! 

WSRS President’s Viewbox: November 2018