Congratulations to our newly elected board members!  The following WSRS members were elected at our Annual Meeting on October 14, 2017 to serve as representatives to the ACR and board members of the WSRS for the terms noted:

Councilor to the ACR – Jonathan Medverd, MD, FACR
For re-election to a second 3-year term as a councilor to the ACR for a term running 6/1/18 through 5/31/21.

Alternate Councilors:
The following WSRS members have been nominated for a one-year term as an Alternate Councilor to the ACR for a one-year term, 6/1/18 through 5/31/19:

Leila Bender, MD
Puneet Bhargava, MD
Peter Eby, MD, FACR
Ben Johnson, DO
Kalpana Kanal, PhD, FACR*
Erik Kilgore, MD, FACR
Somnath Prabhu, MD

YPS Representative to the ACR and 8th alternate councilor, for a one-year term running 6/1/18 through 5/31/19: Baiju Shah, MD

*Kalpana Kanal, PhD,  has resigned from her position as alternate councilor.  The board will appoint another medical physicist to serve out the remainder of Dr. Kanal’s term which runs through 5/31/19