Save the Date: WSRS Day of Advocacy in Olympia, January 23, 2019

Join your colleagues from around the state to visit legislators and policy makers in our state capitol.  It’s a fun and fast-paced day and an opportunity to get to know the system that governs much of healthcare policy and other issues that affect both physicians and patients.  Please register on the Day in Olympia page of our website.  That way we’ll keep you posted as plans are firmed up.

WSRS President’s Viewbox: November 2018


Ruben Krishnananthan, MD, MPH,
President, WSRS

November is here once more
Our annual meeting some choose to ignore
But this year comes with a difference
‘Caus I’m President let’s get to business

Before we do I should look back
To help keep me on track
Medverd recruited me to the WSRS
Into its service he did me press
At meetings a motley crew I met
Each with credibility bought with sweat

Eric the dapper whispers in every ear
Gail’s knowledge of by-laws has no peer
Sammy attends many a meeting
Justin showed us our influence is fleeting
Without the dollars to sweeten our words
To politicians we are but chirping birds
Jim tells us what politicians think
Debra arranges all in a blink

So what to this table do I bring?
Some slick words and a little bling?
Experienced I am at speaking the tongues
Of politicians at different rungs
Let’s hope they listen when I say
The WSRS is about more than our pay

With that I replace Pooja with her smile so fine
She charms all without the aid of wine
Wish me well as I work for all
Let’s think big not small.

This original poem was delivered by Dr. Krishnananthan as his incoming presidential address at the WSRS Annual Meeting on November 3, 2018.