Announcement of Special election of councilors and alternate councilors to be held in mid-December 2016

Voting eligible members will receive notification via email at least 30 days prior to the special election meeting with details about date and location.

The board of the WSRS recommends the following slate of councilors to be elected at a special election in early December 2016 so that we can align the WSRS election cycle with ACR councilor terms.

Recommended councilor slate:
Eric Stern for a term beginning 6/1/17 ending 5/31/20
Phil Lund for a term beginning for a term beginning 6/1/17 ending 5/31/20
Ed Kim, MD for a term beginning 6/1/17 ending 5/31/20

Recommended alternate councilor slate for terms running 6/1/17 through 5/31/18:
Leila Bender, MD; Puneet Bhargava, MD; Ben Johnson, DO; Kalpana Kanal, PhD; Marie Lee, MD

Young Physician Representative to ACR/alternate councilor:
Somnath Prabhu, MD

This will leave two unfilled positions which the board may fill with appointees. Members in good standing of the WSRS interested in serving as an alternate councilor should contact Executive Director Debra Alderman at 206-956-3650 or via email: for details.